Sell it Smart Non-Prime Training is the only turnkey solution for automotive dealerships and professionals looking to set up and optimize their nonprime department and individuals seeking to level up their career!

Pre COVID, 40% of Canadians had credit scores of 650 or less. That means 4 of 10, shoppers online, on the phone or walking into your dealership may not qualify for your dealership’s advertised finance rates terms and incentives. Selling the same traditional way to this 40% results in wasted time, loss of sales and profit! 

There is a solution we call it Sell it Smart Non-Prime School. A proven, professional, and profitable way to help your less than perfect credit customers into a vehicle that meets their needs, lifestyle, budget, and bank approval.

Client Testimonial

Kim, Thank you so much!!! I did my averages for the year - 14 cars per month, my biggest month hitting 24 cars, not bad for just 1 year in selling vehicles! I am currently generating 3 personal closed leads per month and increasing over the past year. All my digital marketing is free at this point, but I will be investing some of my money earned into advertising in the new year. I am so grateful to you for everything you have taught me. You picked me out of the ditch and put me on the road to success!!!

David Myers "The Approval Guy"

Sales Professional at Buy Metro Preowned



Hi, I am Kim, founder of Sell It Smart and Buy It Smart Auto. I have over 20 years automotive retail experience and more than a decade training sales, finance, and management teams to serve professionally, ethically, and profitably the less than perfect credit customers. 

I started selling vehicles in1996 I have worked as a Finance Manager, Sales Manager and Dealer. In 2002 I was introduced to nonprime customers at a used vehicle dealership where I was working. In 2004 I took that experience both good and bad created a nonprime sales and finance process we call Sell it Smart. I went on to help dealerships set up and optimize their nonprime departments, teaching in dealerships across Canada and USA. In June 2019, Buy It Smart Auto was added to our dealer partner offering. This addition is designed to help customers suffering with credit challenges and our dealer partners acquire new customers. We have taken our hands-on training to the next level. 

We offer dealerships a professional, ethical, and profitable way to solve the nonprime problems - wasted time, loss of sales and profits, presenting solutions that help sell more vehicles and make more money!